Divine love is the essence of all things. Its remembrance is the essence of all spirituality.

This website is our humble offering to the Divine. It exists to serve That which needs no service. Its intention to remind us of the Unforgettable.

May these pages exist only to serve the Divine Essence. May our hearts be pure and our minds be clear.

May we be guided at all times by You. The You that I cannot tell apart from the Me, my Love, my Lord, my Only Truth!

The path of Divine Love begins with You. The pure Soul behind the reader of these words. This path, in one direction, is about establishing a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the Mind (External World). And in the other direction, with establishing a fulfilling relationship with the Dimension of the Divine (Union of Consciousness and The Absolute) 

By learning to embody our Soul (pure consciousness) within the 3 centres of experience namely, the Head, Heart and Gut we begin a journey of exploration of the Human Experience in its Fullness.

In this teaching, we look at the Full Development of the Human in their journey back to Divine Love, the ultimate home of all paths. Accordingly, we do not believe that there is a split between what is called the material and spiritual aspects of life. Each needs to be honoured fully and each brings balance to the other.

Our own Divine Essence is best served by fully engaging with all aspects of the human. And we hope this website and teaching will enable and support the True Seeker on this journey to Wholeness.

The journey to Wholeness can be broken down into Three specific stages which can be said to be dimensionally segregated (in the Final analysis all three become a single, undefinable, unitive movement) ;

  1. Self-actualisation (Pre-awakening Individuation)
  2. Enlightenment (Post-awakening embodiment of Universal Consciousness)
  3. Liberation (Rest in the Absolute)
    Please see Roadmap.

On the journey, seekers depending on their innate skills and preference, may approach their relationship to life and spirituality through wisdom, through love, through conceptual analysis, through meditative insight, through meditative absorption, through mindful action or through simple moment by moment awareness. 

Irrespective of your preference,  the information on this site will hold your hand from the pre-awakening stages of the path, through awakening, to the 3 integral stages of Coming Home to Divine Love.