While working as a strategy advisor to big business out of NYC, Vaibhav came squarely to the realization that the path of society and materiality was devoid of any lasting fulfillment. His lifelong, albeit subconscious, quest for meaning had led him from the villages of Tamil Nadu all the way to NYC. But he had totally failed in finding meaning in career, wealth, social standing, family, friendships, habits and relationships. The more important realization was that his own ego had failed him.

After experiencing a powerful awakening at the age of 35, he went on to study with some of the best teachers of our time from different traditions including Zen, Advaita, Theravada Buddhism, Tantra and Yoga. He was received with great love by every single teacher he worked with none withstanding. Their magnanimity and grace showed him the potential a human being possessed. Every tradition he studied opened its secrets to him. For which, he is eternally grateful. It is this gratitude that drives him to serve.

There is no gap between the spiritual and the material. For the Divine, it is ALL Divine.

Only the ego differentiates, claiming this is spiritual and this is not

Since the early days of his path, he has been teaching and guiding individuals he met along the way. His approach is simple and his articulation, clear. Over the years many students have benefited from his light-hearted, exuberant, honest and straight forward teachings. He has an innate ability to infuse the novice seeker with great love for the Dimension of Truth and the path of discovery. Additionally, he also has helped a large number of advanced seekers, experienced healers, yoga teachers, shamans and spiritual teachers deepen their relationship with the Divine.

Vaibhav is not trying to live upto the old paradigms of what a Guru should be like. It is not an identity he carries. He is happy to serve without the baggage or the image of a Guru. Free to express the truth of his realization in the context of the times we live in. Free to express in his unique and very human expression of the Divine Essence.

Scientific principles make spirituality more robust and spiritual understanding makes science more moral and wise” 

Vaibhav is not the epitome of perfection. He is very human. Flawed. Prone to mistakes. Extremely passionate at times and sometimes easily upsetted. But at the same time, he is Fully Detached, Fully Blessed, Fully Submerged in Divine Love.

Please take a lot of time to peruse and meditate upon the contents of this site. If have a question about spirituality or feel called to work with him, please write to us on the email address listed below.