How do you overcome the fear of enlightenment?

While most spiritual teachings expound the glory of the realisation of true nature (head, heart or tan tien), there are only a rare few that talk knowingly of its vertical ascent/descent. This is when fear can become a real obstacle to the path.

I had a massive uprising of fear (the infamous mara incident) in the middle of a zen retreat which literally forced me to roll up the mat and go home…. However after a couple of months of intense anxiety…. the fear revealed its own impermanent nature which allowed me to find the strength to keep walking and refocus on the path eventually letting it extinguish itself organically. With a lot of dedication and an understanding that there are many others who have traversed this path successfully.

Although very challenging… the other side is worth the “perseverance”.

Deep insight into the nature of fear/anxiety at different levels/dimensions (western and eastern thought) , support from varied sources ( therapists and teachers) as well as commitment to the path worked for me.

In other words wisdom, faith, humility and perseverance.