For Devi, the force behind these words. For her, that which is the writer of these words and for her, that which is the reader of these words. May the presence of Goddess be felt more widely and the healing she brings spread rapidly. May she bless these words!


In this article, It is our attempt to lessen the mythical jargon, supernatural connotations and superstitions around Kundalini. In order to bring this beautiful universal endowment into mainstream understanding and at the same time reduce the stress of those who are currently in an active kundalini awakening. 

 Kundalini has been experienced and written about through the ages and in different cultures and regions. (India does not have a copyright on divine energy) However, the language and beliefs of those ages have tended to shape the understanding, experience and description of this divine energy. I believe that the words Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Tummo etc refer to the same primordial energy.

 While we have borrowed some imagery and language from the past in this series of posts, it is done to honor those that have passed on their knowledge to the best of their ability. In order to pay homage to them, before we attempt to advance our understanding of this beautiful force of nature. 

May those who have come before us bless this endeavour! 

Cautionary Note

 The path of kundalini should be practiced under a trusted teacher who has demonstrated knowledge of the divine energy and its pathways. 

Those who are experiencing energetic shifts and movements should first get it verified if it is in fact a Kundalini awakening and not just an energetic opening that has happened. If you are in fact in the midst of an awakening, seeking out a teacher to get some context and guidance can help ease the path quite greatly and help you avoid a number of pitfalls.

This is NOT a spiritual modality and path you want to mess about with based on youtube videos and unverified internet articles. 

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a primordial energy that is considered by many traditions to be an essential vehicle to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Especially in the kriya, yoga, tantrik traditions and to some extent in Shaivism. Many in these traditions believe Kundalini to be an essential or even the only path to Enlightenment. We will learn that the path of Kundalini Devi is just one and not the only path to realisation.

Another way of thinking of Kundalini is the latent energy/qi/prana/life force that a human being possesses that is not utilised given the life he is born into. And this latent life energy gets activated at a certain point when deeper wisdom calls for it. 

The word Kundalini has always evoked fear, superstition and mythical fantasies among those who don’t understand it. It also evokes scorn and ridicule from those who don’t understand the energetic dimension of life. Including from those on a wisdom or meditation based spiritual path. Quite a few major spiritual traditions scorn upon Kundalini since it was not the path their Root guru took and therefore there is no understanding of it. This path is often demonised due to a lack of understanding of its origins and its nature. However, goddess has blessed this path, the Path of Divine Love and we adopt a precise  and systematic approach to fully actualising this energy and guiding her to her final destination, to her lover Shiva! 

Location and experience of Kundalini Energy

 Traditionally Kundalini is said to rest at the base of the spine. While I can experientially verify that the energy seems to originate from there, I do not believe this divine energy is stored in the physical apparatus. I believe Kundalini Energy is Universal Energy that awakens in a few who resonate with these frequencies and have spiritual destiny ahead of them. Once the physical apparatus is activated and a certain energy center is awakened, it becomes a channel to receive this energy. Once this individual begins to receive this energy it has a certain pathway. When Kundalini energy awakens in an individual it pretty much takes over the life of the chosen till the path reaches completion. What completion means can differ from person to person! For those with an awakened kundalini on this path, the path will lead them to the introduction of Shiva. Stabilizing in Shiva and beyond will depend upon the seeker and their desire for peace and silence as opposed to the drama of the K-Path. 

The Energetic Awakening Event – How and Why?

The Kundalini awakening event can happen at anytime and is most often triggered during intense sadhana, shaktipat or due to some kind of accident.

While many traditions have tried to make awakening of Kundalini the essence of path, this is a very hit or miss approach to enlightenment. The most these traditions have managed to do is to trigger some brief experiences in their students, that fade quickly and leave the seeker craving for more such experiences. Thereby creating dependency for spiritual experience rather than teaching the seeker to walk a path that transcends spiritual experience.

At this point, all we can say is that Kundalini awakens in those it wishes to awaken in. One hypothesis could be that it awakens in those whose energy centers located around the tailbone have reached a certain maturation. While shaktipat and sadhana can definitely trigger Kundalini experiences… It seems like a full blown awakening cannot be predicted or induced with precision. 

Navigating the Kundalini Journey

 Kundalini is a full blown path in its own right and has its own modalities. Once awakened a seeker on this path, more than any other, can use the help of a teacher to help them navigate the path. It is more important that the teacher knows how to ground the energy than awaken it. This the mark of a true teacher of this path! Unless they have realised Shiva, it will be very difficult for the teacher to ground this energy and if they have not realised/become Shiva through the path of Kundalini, then they should not be a teacher of this path! However, realised teachers from any tradition may be able to help a kundalini awakened individual.

The Kundalini path carries a greater risk than the paths of meditation and realisation i.e. the Dhyana and Jnana paths, but it also brings a more intense and faster awakening.

However, without meditation and realization the path of Kundalini cannot come to fulfilment. This is why we find a lot of ungrounded and delusional yogi/nis on the kundalini path. There is also a risk of getting sidetracked into Siddhis without them.

The World as Seen From a Kundalini Awakening

TheEnergetic awakening of  primordial energy exposes us to how reality is layered and how reality can change quite dramatically by changing the frequency we operate at. Chakras and dimensional realities become an experiential truth we carry with us. Kundalini energy is a very high frequency energy and can blow open our nervous system.

Those who are in the middle of a Kundalini awakening will find themselves much more at home in places that resonate with these frequencies, higher up in the mountains and/or places known for their spiritual energy. It is also common for these individuals to have experiences that may be considered “out of the ordinary” or even supernatural.

Kundalini is not meant for a lay person dabbling in spirituality. It is a path that should be chosen by dedicated spiritualists who’s every breath is dedicated to the search for truth…The search for themselves. Those that have been chosen by the Devi, would be wise to design their lives around their awakening and not try to suppress or marginalise it in any way.  

Stages of Kundalini Awakening (My experience)

Here is a brief introduction to the stages, we experience during a kundalini awakening.  


Some event triggers the awakening of Kundalini. At this stage, the individual has often no idea about what has hit him and may be deeply confused. Uncertainty and anxiety arise about unexpected energetic movements and shifts in Consciousness.


The chosen starts being carried along by the energy with frequent almost constant experiences of synchronicity and spiritual light shows. The energy flows through the nervous system often destroying dams that block energy flow. 


The mind of the chosen slowly begins to understanding spiritual concepts, about awakening and the energetic impact of awakening. There is a rapid shift in ones perspective and view of what life is. There is dramatic expansion of the nervous as dimensional experiences hitherto unimagined become a living reality


Slowly, the chosen begins to understand about Kundalini and starts to study of others’ experiences! She may choose to reach out and gather around her a community of K-awakened individuals who can share and support her on this journey. Devotion begins to arise for what this uninvited guest is doing for her and the new way of seeing the world.


As we spend time with this energy and understanding it, there is a changing relationship dynamic with the primordial energy. It is seen to be an integral but disowned part of me… part of human design. No longer is is the Spiritual Dragon someone outside or some sacred energy but She is Me and I am She! Separation slowly disintegrates.


As wisdom about the nature of the Divine energy increases, there is an increased ability to communicate with Divine energy. There seems to be an ability to ask for breaks or to direct energy. To influence healing pathways. She who was wild and crazy, breaking blocks and opening dimensional gateways things recklessly now is more measure, more wise in the way she manifests!


With time the crazy powerful Dragon sees herself as Devi. There is increasing self awareness and intelligence within Kundalini herself and clear understanding of her purpose. To meet Primordial Consciousness. With this understanding comes changes in movement patterns and what she seeks. From being a crazed and aimless energy She becomes focussed in her search and in the openings she creates. 


When she first sees the pure dark silence of empty consciousness, Devi falls in deep Love. Shiva has all the answers to her restless wandering and deep within she knows this. Her journey ends here. 


We stop experiencing Devi here since identity has moved beyond energy and into consciousness.


The primary experience of one self gets characterized as pure consciousness with feelings of grounded bliss. There is a sense of just being without outside interference. PEACE!

11. PARASHIVA – The realm of Absolute Nothingness. We have discussed this in the Divine Love roadmap  

Support and Guidance

If you are in the middle of a Kundalini awakening and feel called to reach out to us, please do so. We will be happy to support you in whatever way we can.