How has your attitude to meditation practice evolved with time?

1. Giving my thinking mind time and space to do its thing, knowing it will come home to roost soon enough. So no force.

2. Not judging or even thinking about whether a meditation was good or bad. Sometimes a sitting can be exceptionally blissful and in those times I am bit grateful. But otherwise, the judging mind simply doesnt arise.

3. Stopped giving a damn about posture

4. Allowing distractions even crazy loud ones to do their thing. I may not like it but… the sitting goes on much the same

5. Lost the proud edge of being a meditator and pushing myself to clock the hours

6. Allowing the sitting to decide the meditative style rather than a preconceived idea. It might start with one thing and end somewhere completely different. So increased sensitivity to my mind/body/soul needs

7. I like the no.7