Processing Emotions

Emotions especially deep rooted ones are tough to work with and need a multi-pronged approach over time. However, the intention to work with them in itself creates a lot of momentum.

1. Recognise that any emotion is a composite of sensations, thoughts, flight or fight in no particular order… one feeding the other. The emotion exists in a bubble fueled by the above. See the composite sketch of the emotion.

2. Untangle the wires and expose them for what they. Dependent arisings … one dependent on the other for existence as truth. They exisit within your mind validated bu your mind. For example, mind might interpret a void in the chest as sadness. Sadness then triggers a story about how our mum was never available, the story then makes us stay in bed, staying in bed reinforces the sadness and depression…. and so on.

3. Step out of the loop. Meditate. Stay in the space of detachment.

4. Question the interpretations…. can the butterflies in the stomach mean something else? How else can I interpret this? How do I know this sensation is sadness? Even if it is do I need to allow it to derail me? Is the story about my mum true or a perceptive distortion of a 7 year old child?

5. Repeat 3

It can be a long and tiring process with many relapses but ultimately very rewarding.