How will I know that the life partner I choose will be the one?

Dear Vaibhav,

How will I know that the life partner I choose will be the one, my ‘Shiva’, my divine counterpart?

When you drop expectations of what Shiva should look, talk, behave and be like, whoever comes into your life will be your Divine counterpart. It is only your minds expectations and stories that are limiting the range of the life you live.

Whatever comes into your life good or bad, is Shiva. Is Divine. The segregation into Good and Bad is ONLY happening in your mind.

As we progress in the spiritual relationship with the Divine, it becomes increasingly apparent that Suffering is a necessary ingredient in the evolution of the human spirit and for deepening our trust and love for Divine. The wise will immediately understand that they are NOT special however much they meditate, do yoga and pray. We do those things to learn how to submit to the Divine will.

So, if that which comes into your life is meant to bring difficult lessons, the wise will submit to it and learn from it. If it is meant to bring joyful lessons, we enjoy it, knowing that any external experience is transient, impermanent. Slowly slowly, we lose interest in these things and move fully towards our own Divine aspect because it is the only everlasting truth. Beautiful, serene, loving and kind!

May wisdom increasingly arise!