I feel let down and hurt by my Family!

The problem is the family lives in a bubble of unresolved hurt, guilt and unfulfilled expectations.
The bubble isn’t in any one person’s head… it’s a collective. So to heal it requires us to really
understand where the other is coming from and to see their point of view. It takes times and growing up and lot of forgiveness and compassion.

There is no concrete line between what is you and what is them! Till you get this its tough to
heal deeply.
But the problem with it is as long there is a strong sense of Me-ness… an ego identity… there
will always remain a tendency to blame … or look for things coming from outside.

That which is called Rashmitha is not separate from ancestral gifts and trauma. Its not
something that comes from outside. YOU are made of it….its integral to you. And so the only
healing that can happen is in the moment, taking full responsibility for the present situation.
So when you are at dinner and there is all kinds of energies around… there needs to be a deep acceptance in that moment…. that the energies are being felt by ME. And I am the one judging them and labeling them as good and bad. And people and energies are just that… people and energies. And so I need to work on removing the labels in my head, heart and gut about them.

And when we remove those labels, you will start being surprised. Because people are much
more than our perception of them. Even your mom and sister who you “think” you know so
well…. will start to display angles and abilities you didn’t see before. Because our ego blinded you from them. And their ego was simply responding to your egos perceptions. Boxing themselves because of