How do I pursue my calling without any support?

Dear Vaibhav, my soul’s calling is to tend to animals and strays. Each time I try to move forward I get pulled back. I want to do simple things like deworming the strays but my husband won’t get extra medicines for them! How do I pursue my calling without any support?

Dear Savita,

It is important to distinguish between a Do-Gooder ego and a genuine Soul calling.

  1. A do-gooder ego does something to feel good about itself. It has a higher purpose… something that makes it feel superior to someone who is not interested in what it is interested in. A soul calling will act without choice… it has no choice but to do what it does. It clearly sees that while this is Its soul calling, the divine has other plans for the person who doesn’t believe in it or accept it.
  2. A do-gooder ego will wait for the right time and opportunity to do good. It wants recognition and attention for its actions. Its motive to help is driven by its insecurity and need for attention and validation from others. A soul-calling will simply do what it has to do, knowing fully well that its life is meant for service to the lord…. whatever form the lord may appear in.. human or animal or spirit.
  3. A do-gooder ego will fixate on how it wants to help and the form the help should take. A soul simply does what it can do within its means knowing fully well that the universe will send it the resources it needs to expand its service if and when the time is right.
  4. A do-gooder ego will believe that the people it has attached to should support it. A soul will know it belongs to the divine and serves only the divine
  5. A do-gooder ego will eventually lost interest and jump from one thing to another. Whatever makes it feel more special. A soul calling is a calling for life. The soul will fulfill its duty to the world efficiently but dispassionately. And when that is done come back quietly to its calling.

The reality for a lot of us is that we have some combination of the do-gooder ego and a soul calling. Some of us tend to one side and some of us to another. The process of moving fully into our soul calling is the process of spirituality. This will effectively necessitate losing our dependence on those around us and doing what we can to serve. Even if it simply means feeding the dogs tiger biscuits or leftover rice at this time.


Sit or lie down comfortably. Bring your attention to your soul calling. See what kind of thoughts, emotions, stories and images arise. Are they about practical steps on how to serve the dogs better? Or are they stories about the way the ego feels when doing this? Investigate what is driving this your calling clearly. Slowly reject the thoughts that make this service something about feeling good or superior. And encourage the practical thoughts on how to actually go about helping the dogs better. Encourage action and demotivate story telling. Finish your meditation with a small prayer and sankalpa to serve to the best of your ability as it is today.

Action Planning

Make a list of things you can do to further your soul calling. Look on the internet for more ideas and add those which sound good to your list. Against each idea mark if it can be done straightaway or needs time and resources. Do the things that you can do. Reach out for help on the things you need support on. If the support doesnt come, you have still done your job by reaching out for help. As you complete tasks close them out. Set a calendar for repetitive tasks. If interested, join others who are interested in the same. Serve silently and quietly, head bowed down, without getting into ego battles.
May the Divine support your efforts.

With Love,