Why is it so difficult for me to trust people?

Dear Priya,

When you say that you don’t trust people, you are saying you don’t trust their Egos. I don’t trust their Egos too. Its simply not a smart thing to do. But eventually, when you see that they too are perfect embodiments of the Divine, you will begin to see beyond their egos. When we being to see people as their highest selves, they become inherently trustworthy.

Their highest Self is your highest Self. What is there not to trust? Knowing the difference between an ego and the Higher Self is maturity. First, learn to distinguish these within yourself. The Ego is made up of thoughts, emotions, stories and sensations. The Higher Self is characterless Awareness… that heralds its presence through the qualities of Wisdom, Compassion, Love, Peace and Stillness. No stories … nice or yucky.

The less we engage with the former and more with the latter, the more at home you will feel in this world. We spontaneously begin to gravitate towards those who embody Divine qualities and find ways to lessen interactions with those who don’t.