How can I raise my self-worth?

It is practically impossible to raise the self-worth of that which is Perfect! You are the Perfect embodiment of the Divine! Be certain of this… I am and talk to everyone I meet as embodiments of the Divine. To continually see the world through this lens is a function of practice.

In the Buddhist tradition, it is believed that having a human incarnation is the greatest blessing that can possibly be bestowed in the entire cosmos. I totally agree with this. But why did the Buddha say this?For the every simple reason, that only in the human form is there enough tension between the negative and positive polarities to allow for total insight into the Divine Perfection. Not even the Great Spirits, Gods or Demons have this opportunity. It is the energy of fear, unworthiness, lack of self confidence, anger, anxiety etc that when transmuted become the fuel for actually “seeing” our True Nature.

How then can a human form be unworthy when it is chosen by the Cosmos to explore itself? What can the Universe itself be afraid of? How can it lack trust when everything is contained within it? The small, ignorant ego likes to compare itself to others and play games of superiority and inferiority. Go beyond this!