How can I overcome fear?

Don’t overcome fear…. it is not meant to be defeated. It is an integral part of you and meant to be accepted…. with love and compassion. Be with it…. talk to it …. build a relationship and it will reveal so many gifts to you. When you enter situations that trigger fear, simply withdraw and be with the fear.

Maybe the situation is not a good one and you should not be engaged in it. Maybe some wires have been crossed and you need to withdraw in order to clearly see how much is a real threat versus how much of it is a perceived threat. If the threat is purely perceived, then sit quietly in meditation and trigger these feelings in you.

Recreate them intentionally so that you can see that these feelings are just feelings. Give them the love and acceptance they need. As you gain freedom from these feelings in meditation, you will gain the ability to function effectively in the world in spite of them being there. Over the months and years, you will not notice their presence even. If the fears are real, meaning that your are in a situation of physical, emotional or psychological threat then simply leave the situation and increasingly reduce interaction with these individuals.

Find ways to increasingly protect yourself.