While it is true that the universe is a very Real expression of the sublime, unmoving, God Essence and that in this moment of reading awareness you are This Very One…. it is when we dedicate fully to the Lord and remove the dross surrounding the blissful God principle that we are absolutely certain that this subtle presence … Sachithanandam is the Only Truth. The truth of our own Being.

Why do we feel so? Because it is only here that there is completion. While the ego may get great pleasure from different material, psychological, sexual or spiritual experiences it always is time bound… Very beautiful experiences but  after a while more and more is required. And the pleasure diminishes. 

It is only when the Pure Essence Consciousness is embodied that the desire for more is exhausted. We move beyond the time bound. It is so complete that there is simply no demand for experience or for any external movement. Fully at our Eternal Home.

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