Spirit Train Analogy

Its like this…. say you have gotten on to a spirit train. And at the very first station you get down and you call the people back home and tell them all about your adventures. While you are doing this, the spirit train moves on. And now you realise you screwed up cos the ride was much more fulfilling than hanging out at the station, interacting with your past. And you cant help but wonder where the journey would have lead. So now you have to stand in queue for a ticket and that takes forever. And moreover, you never know when the train will come back.
So, when you have good friends on the train they will stop you from getting down or pull you back onto the train when it starts moving.

Point being…. If you have a tendency to get down.. make sure you have good friends on the train.

A spiritual teacher is this kind of friend. The Sufi Dost!

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