There is no a “You”. There NEVER has been!

As you read these lines, know this with absolute certainty;

These words are falling upon your sight and immediately a program trained to read and interpret these words goes to work. Simultaneously, various other programs, born of past experience, try to derive meaning from this sensational experience and interpret it from multiple angles. An uninhibited consciousness witnesses. This is ALL that is happening.

There is no intermediary agent involved in the experiencing of this or anything else. There is no a “You”. There NEVER has been. There is Nobody there to realise or to get enlightened.

Know this with the deepest assuredness.

The thought Me is very quick to validate itself…. see through this self-validating lie. Moment by moment.

This is wisdom.

And since there is no a Me there, there is nothing to be freed from. There is no samsara to be let go off. Everything moving completely automatically. Nothing to interfere with.

The whole damn thing has been a mind trap!

“And knowing this, the wise laugh without a care in the whole world”

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